3:30-4:15│Tiny Movers (Ages 2-3)│Taya

3:45-4:45│Beg. Ballet (Ages 5-8)│Brian

4:15-5:15│Star Shiners (Ages 4-5)│Taya

4:45-5:45 │Beg. Tap (Ages 6-8) │Brian

5:15-6:15 │Beg. Tumble (Ages 5+) │Kelly

5:30-6:30 │Adult Bootcamp │Coach Javen

5:45-6:45 │Intermediate Ballet (Ages 9+) │Brian

6:15-7:15 │Beginner Acro (Ages 5+) │Kelly

6:30-7:30 │Adult Bootcamp │Coach Javen

6:45-7:45 │Beg. Musical Theater (Ages 6+)│Brian


  • 3:45-4:45│Ballet/Jazz Combo (Ages 5-7)│Kristen

3:45-4:45│Strength/Conditioning (Ages 6+)│Carlos

4:45-5:45│**Intermediate Acro (Ages 6+) Teacher Approval│Carlos

4:45-5:45│Intermediate Jazz (Ages 5+)│Kristen

5:45-6:45│**Adv. Acro (Ages 7+) Teacher Approval│Carlos

5:45-6:45│Intermediate Ballet (Ages 7+)│Kristen

6:45-7:45│Jazz/Lyrical (Ages 7+)│Kristen

7:45-9:00 │Advanced Ballet (Ages 9+) │Brian


  • 9:30-10:15│Multi Sports Program (Ages 2-3)│Coach Brian

10:15-11:30│Multi Sports Program (Ages 4-5)│Coach Brian

2:30-3:30 │Tumble Freak │Coach Dev

3:30-8:00│Competitive Cheer **Team Practice│Cheer Coaches


  • 3:30-4:15│Mini Cheer (Ages 3-5)│Tonya

3:45-4:45│Intermediate Jazz 2 (Ages 5+)│Carlos

4:15-5:00│Rec Cheer (Ages 5-10)│Tonya

4:45-5:45│Intermediate Contemporary (Ages 7+)│Carlos

5:00-6:00│Intermediate Hip Hop (Ages 7+)│Maria

5:30-6:30│Adult Boot Camp │Coach Javen

6:00-7:00 │Advanced Jazz (Ages 7+) │Carlos

6:00-7:00 │Intermediate Tap (Ages 9+) │Brian

6:30-7:30 │Adult Boot Camp │Coach Javen

7:00-8:00 │Advanced Contemporary (Ages 7)│Carlos

7:00-8:00 │Advanced Musical Theater (Ages 9+) │Brian


  • 3:45-5:45│**Petite Dance Company│Kristen

5:00-6:00│Latin Funk (Ages 6+) │Maria

6:00-8:00 │**Intermediate Dance Company │Kristen

6:00-7:00 │Hip Hop (Ages 5-9) │Maria


9:15-10:00 │Multi Sports (Ages 3-5) │Coach Brian

9:30 - 10:30 │Jazz/Lyrical Combo (Ages 5-8) │Leah

9:30-10:30 │Athletic Conditioning (Ages 5-8) │Coach Javen

10:30-11:30 │Athletic Conditioning (Ages 9-12)│Coach Javen

10:30-11:30 │Jazz (Ages 5-7) │Leah

  • All Classes Participate in the Nutcracker Production with the exception of 2/3 yr olds & Cheer
  • (**) Teacher Approval Required